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Mini Sessions

Minis are themed shorter sessions released a few times a year. They're SO FUN as we get creative with props and sets that are only available for a limited time, like the Christmas set. Minis also have their own mini pricing!

Minis are the same luxurious experience as normal sessions, just with a shorter photoshoot and fewer final photos. Minis are only available for previous clients at the moment!

What is a "mini" boudoir session?


Azalea Gardens

azalea photoshoot maryland
azalea photoshoot maryland

The azaleas will be in full bloom in a couple of weeks and they're absolutely gorgeous! Imagine having your hair & makeup done in the studio and then wandering the azalea gardens with me. You can wear your favorite dress, borrow one of the gorgeous tulle robes from the studio, or we can come up with something creative together! We don't do lingerie here as we'll be in public gardens (during a quieter time) so this is more of a magical, self-love photoshoot.

I'll still be posing you from your head to toes and I'm coming in with a MILLION fun ideas! I also know these gardens well now so we'll pose in all the good spots.

As with all of my sessions, you get to choose whether to allow me to share your photos (a “model release”). However, since this is a limited-time creative photoshoot that I’m very excited about, priority is placed on ladies willing to allow me to share their photos. So with a full model release, you get priority booking and four additional included digital images!

Minis are only open to previous clients and this one is for a short amount of time because of the bloom season!

The Mini session fee is all-inclusive! 

which includes:


◈ Professional hair & makeup

◈ Custom expert posing

◈ Expert photo retouching

◈ 8 final digital images INCLUDED!

You can purchase all 25 final digital images for an additional $300 but YES, eight digital images are included with the session fee for Minis!


Tuesday, April 25th

Thursday, April 27th

Thursday, May 4th

azalea photoshoot maryland
Orchid white flower4_edited.png
PNG Tropical green leaf2_edited.png
Book Mini

I'm ready for my Mini! What's next?

Book your Mini right now! Choose your date below and pay the session fee to reserve the date for you. Only three dates are available! (Again, this is currently only open to previous clients but keep an eye out in the future for more Minis available for everyone!)

If you have questions or would like to chat further, email me at and I'd be happy to chat!

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