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Boudoir COVID-19 Precautions

I understand how stressful activities are right now with COVID-19 and prioritize my clients' healths. I stay up-to-date with the latest information and take strict precautions to protect both my boudoir clients and myself. Here are the specific Covid-19 sanitization measures I take for your safety:

  • Both myself and the makeup artist wear masks at all times during your boudoir session.

  • The studio has a separate own HVAC system from other businesses in the building, vastly limiting air cross-contamination. There are a limited number of people who enter the studio on a regular basis.

  • Partner makeup artists follow Covid-19 protocols including disposable applicators and sanitizing anything that touched the client.

  • I only take one client per day to ensure maximize time in between different people entering the studio. One weekend a month, I have two clients per day with full cleaning in between each session.

  • Cleaning between each boudoir session consists of:

    • sanitizing all soft goods touched by the client by putting them into a dryer on high for one hour

    • disinfecting all hard surfaces potentially touched by the client including door knobs, sink handles, and even the wall

    • opening windows to air out the space

    • changing out my personal mask to a new one

  • In my personal life, I wear a mask when in public, social distance, and limit my social circle at this time.

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