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What to Expect

Photo Studio
Image by Candice Picard
Photo Studio

When you arrive, you'll first get a moment to take a breath and sit down. We'll hang up your outfits and you'll change into a provided silk robe. Then you'll grab your drink and snacks before stepping into the backroom for your hair & makeup with my amazing makeup artist.

Step inside...

Head to the backroom...

Here, youll relax with your mimosa while my hair & makeup artist starts prepping you! These windows overlook a river in a nature preserve and your favorite music will be playing so you can relax and just be pampered for a moment.

When you're prepped and ready to go, you'll choose your free set of lingerie and Client Closet extras! I'll have already picked out a few that I think you'll like so you can try them on with the provided undies. Check out the available Body Jewelry here.

Once your hair & makeup are done and you've picked your free lingerie, we get started with your photoshop in the front room!

Photoshoot time...

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