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What to Wear For Your Boudoir Photography Session

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Figuring out what to wear for your boudoir session can be intimidating! So let’s choose something spectacular for you together. Below you'll find:

  • Tips on choosing your boudoir outfits

  • Creative outfit ideas

  • Local & online lingerie stores

The most important factor is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you pick. If you don’t want to show your tummy, go with all teddies. If you want a sexier vibe, some leather and a corset can bring out the fire. If you want intimate bridal shots, bring your wedding veil. Whatever you want is perfect for you!

lingerie for boudoir photography in the DMV area

Tips for choosing outfits for your boudoir session:

  • Make sure your outfits fit properly. The straps shouldn't be too loose or too tight; it can take attention away from you in the photo.

  • Cut off all tags including the semi-permanent ones with laundry instructions (carefully!).

  • If you don't want your nipples in photos, choose something where your nipples don't show in the mirror or wear nipple covers or tape. Double-check this ahead of time as they won’t be photoshopped out. If you don't mind or do want them in photos though, that's great! These photos are for you and I've seen plenty of nipples at this point.

  • Don't pick patterns that are too busy. You want the attention of the photo on you!

  • Every piece doesn't have to be "sexy", especially if you're more conservative in your clothing. Start with an oversized sweater, a long robe, or even in full clothes until you feel comfortable. A gorgeous dress can also be a fun addition!

  • Bring a variety! Feel free to bring as many outfits as you like to the session if you'd like to choose together and want to decide as you go. We end up shooting up to four outfits.

  • When buying bottoms with clips for stockings, get stockings to go with the bottoms. You usually don’t want the clips to just dangle during your session.

  • No need to go buy your own robe if you plan to use the Client Closet! I have gorgeous sheer robes and body jewelry available for you.

  • When ordering online, consider buying two sizes of the outfit you like and returning the one that doesn't fit (double-check return policies!). Since you're currently unable to try on pieces at Victoria's Secret due to Covid and shipping times for online stores seem to be questionable, I find this can save a lot of frustration even if you have to ship some back.

Some creative outfit ideas:

  • different types of lingerie: teddies, bra & panties, corsets, garter belts & stockings... the list goes on!

  • long sheer robes (which you can find in the Client Closet!)

  • oversized sweaters

  • your wedding veil

  • high heels

  • button-up long-sleeve shirts, particularly white ones

  • sexy dresses

  • your partner's favorite sports team jersey

Many women get new lingerie just for their boudoir experience! Not only does a new piece give you extra confidence during your session, it can keep making you feel amazing for long after. If you’re gifting these photos to your partner, you could wear your new lingerie for them when you gift them the photos. They’ll be stunned speechless. If this experience is for you, wear your new lingerie on important days (under your clothes, of course) to give yourself a secret boost of confidence! Every time you remember what you’re wearing, you’ll be reminded what a badass you are.


Here are some shops in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area to purchase lingerie. The link on the shop's name will bring up their website and links for multiple locations will bring up a Google Map with all the local locations.

Victoria’s Secret

Location: multiple locations in DMV area


Location: multiple locations in DMV area

A La Mode Intimates

Location: Fells Point in Baltimore, MD

Cherry Blossom Intimates

Location: Glenarden, MD

Le Bustiere Boutique

Location: northern Washington, D.C.

*COVID-19: This list has become a bit shorter as I try to stay updated with closures for the pandemic. Some stores (like Victoria’s Secret) are open but not allowing people to try on lingerie in the store.


Here are some online lingerie shops. The first five are the ones I seem to see most often in my sessions then the rest are ordered from lower cost ($) to higher cost ($$$). (I have not personally purchased from all of these sites. All of these links head straight to the website; they are not affiliate links and I make no money.)

lingerie for boudoir photography washington, D.C.

Victoria’s Secret

  • Vibe: classic lingerie shop, a little bit of everything

  • Prices: $ - $$$

Savage x Fenty

  • Vibe: sexy, pretty, a little bit of everything, curvy

  • Prices: $ - $$


  • Vibe: sexy, pretty, curvy, robes available

  • Prices: $


Adore Me

  • Vibe: curvy, classy, sexy, a little bit of everything

  • Prices: $

Fashion Nova

  • Vibe: sexy, edgy, casual, curvy

  • Prices: $

Bare Necessities

  • Vibe: sexy, edgy

  • Prices: $$

Lane Bryant

  • Vibe: sexy, classy, curvy

  • Prices: $$


  • Vibe: sexy, classy

  • Prices: $$

Honey Birdette

  • Vibe: sexy, BDSM

  • Prices: $$$


  • Vibe: lacey, sexy, robes available

  • Prices: $$$


Still have questions about what to wear during your session? Reach out to me! I'm here for every step of this journey and am excited to make this an amazing day for you. So many of the women I photograph are not sure what to choose or where to get new outfits today so you're not alone. Let's take all the stress out of this.

what lingerie to wear for boudoir photography session

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