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Valentine's Day Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up and you already know what the perfect present is for your husband (or boyfriend!): a boudoir photography session! Whether you're near our boudoir studio in Maryland or farther away, this is your sign to book your photoshoot.


You deserve it. He'll love it. And it'll be a ton of fun!

But what outfits should you wear for your Valentine's boudoir session? There's still time to get something! Whether you want to go all-out red everything or you just want a touch of Valentine's, we've got the ideas for you:


There's always classic lingerie in red or pink! It adds a bit of Valentine's vibe to your boudoir photos without going overboard.

Switch out the white sheet for a red satin sheet. It's absolutely stunning and luxurious feeling.


Spice things up a little by playing with handcuffs, strappy leather, a crop whip, a flogger, and more!


Of course, there's fun red bow tie lingerie! You can find a couple different variations, including a bra/panty set, a babydoll, and a strappier one:

Borrow your husband's button-down shirt. Not only can we wrap it around you but we can pose some fun, undressing sequences!

Or if you buy one just for your Valentine's boudoir photos, go a size or two up from your own size so we can pull it around you and have plenty of shirt to pose in.


All links & lingerie were available and active as of January 2024

No matter what you choose to wear, you're going to crush your Valentine's boudoir session! And he's going to LOVE the photos.

There's still time to book your experience with us here in Maryland and step into our gorgeous, private boudoir studio in Columbia, halfway between Washington D.C. and Baltimore.


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